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Cooking and Painting

Cooking and Painting are almost like a part of my Life I simply cannot do without these two . Previously, as a child it was my hobby, and as my Mom Indira Kumari Singh Deo.. was an Expert in cooking I too developed the same interest like hers.. After marraige came across Mom-in-law, Rani Nain kanwarji , who also an excellent Cook .,she was an expert in Rajasthani Dishes. With the Guidance and Expert Tips from Both ladies and Self Interest in Cooking ,With time it’s become my profession in small way. I am very much fond of cooking and love trying out Yummy Dishes …love playing with spices and ingredients to create New ways of Cooking of my own.

Here at “Nain’s Kunj” Cooking Demonstrations can be provided only for Guests who stay with us on prior request and with an Extra Charge.
Cooking Demonstrations for Indian Cooking .. can be conducted for Guests only who are interested.

Nain’s Kunj, has a In-house Boutique:-

Painting is also my Passion..Under the Creation name “Wing’s Of Imagination” Designs and Freehand Paintings are created INSTANTLY…by myself..