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1. Good Homestay we came across in Jodhpur.
2. what ever did we do that the gods were so good to send us to this heavenly place!! the moment we arrived we felt at ease with this heavenly place. the most of all we appreciated the helpfulness of this family that transcends beyond any border. Manohar – a great story teller. who teached us a lot about indian history and traditions. Rashmi – heaven sent us his best cooking angel to jodhpur Harsh – a rising star, bright and hansom. Nain’s Kunj – we’ll always come back. We Are Forever in your Debt…! Thank You
Kalanderberg -5E, 9000 GENT,
Martine Van Damme & Rudi Schlomer.
3. It’s beyond imagination to get such a clean place to stay & the hospitality away from 2000kms of Calcutta. The food served to us were fabulous.. Best Wishes to you for your future endeavour.
37J – Chandi Ghosh Road, Cal-
7000040, Tollygunge.
Mr.Shubhasis Ghosh & Mrs. Srabanee Ghosh
4. Just the place we were looking for – so calm and quiet. Away from th hectic trafic. They are simply so hospitable and Mrs. Singh, makes very very delicious food.
6807 Tavern, Switzerland. Teresa
Martinoni Mavro & Fabio Robbioni
5. A Great Place- Incredible hospitable, quiet & relaxing- a step away from the cacaphony of the streets. Rina is a terrific cook – best meals we’ve hd in India. Very helpful hosts, more than ready to help in anyway and shared lot’s of local info and history. Good Music!!…..Thanks.
2929 Lathom Cres SW Madelne King
Calgary, Alberta Hilary King TSE 5W8.
Mary & Jim King.
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